Catalyst Strength & Physique Coaching offers a comprehensive, individualised, and scientifically backed approach to training and nutrition.

Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching is an in-person AND online coaching service for individuals interested in powerlifting and/or bodybuilding. Options are also available for regular gym-goers, those new to training and nutrition, and athletes involved in other sports. In-person coaching is available with Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching at Catalyst Strength, Hobart.

The most recommended and common service delivered for any goal is full training, nutrition, and cardio coaching. To combine all of these facets of fitness into one coaching service is recommended due to how nutrition and cardio can affect training prescription, and vice versa. Whether you opt for online or in-person coaching, you will be immersed into a supportive, growing community of powerlifters and bodybuilders who are like-minded individuals and prioritise getting strong mentally and physically.

Training and nutrition programmes are also offered separately if preferred, at a slightly lower price. In-person or online consultations and technique fixes are also available. See below for more details about these options. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know any more information about any service and/or associated pricing.

Pricing is dependent on your goals, location, and my availability. Contact me for more information or a quote.


See the individual services that I offer

Training Coaching (online)

An individualised weight training programme fitted to your goals. Includes:

  • A within 1 business day response to any training questions.
  • Weekly spreadsheet training updates.
  • Form adjustment advice (via video).
  • Optional monthly skype meetings.

Training Coaching (in-person)

An individualised weight training programme fitted to your goals. Includes:

  • A within 1 business day response to any training questions.
  • Weekly spreadsheet training updates.
  • Regular sessions with me.

Technique Fixes

This service is included in the training coaching option, but for those not after regular programming, this is an alternative option. Includes:

  • Either online (video) or in-person technique analysis.
  • Discussion, advice, and demonstration on how to improve your form, including useful cues and mobility exercises if necessary.

Nutrition & Cardio Plans

Nutrition guidelines and/or macronutrient and calorie targets dependent on your goals. Also involves cardiovascular exercise prescription when the context is right. Includes:

  • A within 1-day business day response to any nutrition or cardio questions.
  • Weekly spreadsheet nutrition & cardio updates.
  • Optional monthly skype meetings OR fortnightly consultations in-person.


For anyone interested in learning more about nutrition, training prescription, technique, or coaching. This is for trainers, coaches, or anyone else looking at improving their own knowledge.

  1. You send me the topics you wish to talk about.
  2. We Skype and discuss it all.
  3. I send an email with review of topics discussed.


Some of the success stories from Catalyst athletes

Jeremy’s scientific yet holistic approach to training and nutrition gave me the flexibility and freedom to make bodybuilding a part of my life without consuming it totally, while still achieving incredible results.

Tehezib LathiffGained 2nd place at NABBA Auckland Championships 2014

Jeremy’s approach has been very customized for my personal needs, weaknesses and rate of progression. His programming has allowed me to progress at my own individual rate, and let me reap the benefits of the amount of effort I put in.

Junior VaikaiIncreased powerlifting total by 65kg in 6 months

Jeremy provided me a variety of exercises and weekly program alterations based on my current weaknesses and previous week’s performance. Jeremy's nutrition guides also ensured I didn't gain much fat while gaining muscle and strength.

Aaron YangIncreased powerlifting total by 40kg in 3 months

Jeremy has helped me achieve my goals, and become a better lifter. He helped me with technique, recovery, and nutrition. The results are the evidence that he is amazing. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get strong and improve their lifting.

Rachel Sinclair2015 National NZ powerlifting champion in 57kg weight division

Jeremy’s strength programming has given me consistent progress and each of my lifts are looking much cleaner and smooth. We have achieved numerous goals, with the highlight of winning the 83kg open class and 3rd open male at the Zenith Gym competition in July 2016.

Dharmesh PatelAchieved 572.5kg powerlifting total in competition
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