I started training with Jeremy in August 2016, I had finished a long recovery after a motorcycle accident left me in a wheel chair for six months, and on and off crutches for two years. After extensive physiotherapy I was able to walk but not run, I was still unable to do some basic movements and hopes for playing sport were grim. 3 years after this I had given up on any chance of playing my favourite sport (rugby) again. I couldn’t squat, I couldn’t do a lunge and had little muscle in my legs. I decided to join Stomp fitness in hopes of returning to my former glory and athletic self where I was referred to Jeremy, we met up and hit the gym to see where I was at.

The first thing we tried were squats and lunges, and it was awful. I couldn’t put the bar on my back because my shoulders were seized and I couldn’t keep my balance while trying to squat or lunge. I ended up with some gnarly leg pain and was not feeling optimistic. We tried deadlifts with pretty much the same result. After a couple of months and some helpful tips and training programming from Jeremy I found I was able to do things that I haven’t been able to do since the accident. I could squat, I could lunge and I could deadlift. I was feeling so confident in my ability that I decided to enter the Raw Strength Open in November in which I performed heaps better than I expected. I made 9/9 attempts and surpassed our expectations for deadlifts hitting 170kg when I had failed 165kg a few weeks before. I also hit 100kg on bench press which I had been aiming for since I began lifting.

Jeremy has provided me with the training that I really needed in a friendly, supportive and professional manner and it looks like I have developed the muscle and mobility to return to rugby. I highly recommend Jeremy if you are in a similar position or you’re just looking to push your limits in strength.

Below are Terry’s best lifts in competition (125kg squat, 100kg bench, 170kg deadlift).