I approached Jeremy to be my coach in preparation towards my second bodybuilding competition (NABBA Auckland Championships 2014), which I gained 2nd place in my category.

Jeremy’s scientific yet holistic approach to training and nutrition gave me the flexibility and freedom to make bodybuilding a part of my life without consuming it totally, while still achieving incredible results. In preparation to this competition, he guided me towards achieving an elite level of conditioning while increasing strength simultaneously! – something I thought was impossible.

I am currently working towards competing in a few NABBA competitions in New Zealand and the NAC Universe International Competition held in Hamburg, Germany 2015.

Through Jeremy’s expansive knowledge and extensive experience in powerlifting and nutrition, I have learnt a great deal about how drug-free athletes should be approached in terms of training and nutrition in order to build muscle.

I would highly recommend hiring Jeremy if you are hard-working, disciplined and would like to learn and grow!