2016 was a year that I wanted to challenge myself. Try and push myself out of my comfort zone as opposed to playing it safe! Over the last 4 years I’ve gradually got reasonable strong by default; by being consistent. I train hard, get results; but never really set myself outlandish goals!

I love learning, and as a Health Coach and PT myself – my development as a role model, coach, and trainer, only benefits when I soak up more knowledge. This competition was for me – I needed to remember that feeling of being uncomfortable, blowing my own mind again. Letting in some goals that quite frankly I wasn’t sure I’d make!

For this kind of goal you need an expert to guide you along the way! From the minute I met Jez I knew we were going to build a really amazing relationship. I still had a ‘way’ I liked doing things and he accommodated to that with ease. After our first session I think Jez knew more about my abilities than I did. Together with some awesome programming we chipped away at 9 weeks of training to lead up to my first Powerlifting Competition; something I honestly didn’t see coming, however I knew was out of my comfort zone on so many levels and I was ready to put myself to the test.

At week 3, I had a minor setback of strains and referred pain from my forearm which honestly made almost every big lift a struggle because of mobility. I was convinced I wasn’t going to get to where I wanted, but Jez altered everything he could and between that and some wonderful work from a physio and my massage therapist we went into the final week feeling pretty good!

When I stated with Jez I had never got the hang of low bar squats and I only just busted a 100kg high bar squat that felt like 10 tonne! My bench wasn’t too exciting – I’d hardly practised it consistently so I think 40kg was my start point. Conventional deadlift was my baby but after a lower back injury late 2015 it took me half of 2016 to build it back and to be honest, I was scared it would never be the same. From 130kg feeling great in 2015, I had only got back to 110kg before October 2016.

In 9 weeks with obstacles, we smashed it! Game day gave me nothing but white lights and personal bests! I came in weighing 60kg, my struggling high bar squat went to a low bar 1RM of 115kg, bench 55kg and my best deadlift was 140kg which actually felt a little too good!

I couldn’t recommend Jez more highly for anyone who wants to get stronger and watch the process. His programming taught me discipline more than anything. Some days it was hard to walk out of the gym feeling ‘underworked’ but it made me understand that those days are just as important as the days you put your big lifts to the test. It’s a cycle, and you do need a plan! You won’t have your best efforts ready every single day, nor should you.

Jez helped me take out best overall female for the day and the experience and high was nothing but awesome!! This kid knows his stuff and if the time comes around to have another crack I wouldn’t do it without him! Thank you Jez.