Jeremy started doing my nutrition, programming, and helping me with lifting technique in September 2014. I came to him because I wanted to do powerlifting and I needed help with how to lift and train. His programming was designed specifically to meet my needs, and help me achieve my goal of lifting in a competition. By following Jeremy’s training, I was able to win best female and first place in my weight division 3 months later.

Jeremy continued to do my programming and nutrition for my next competitions. I was able to drop down a weight class with the help of Jeremy’s nutrition guidance (hitting the macros he set for me based on my weight and physical activity and food preferences). I qualified for Nationals and went on to compete and win my weight class and second place overall for females in the open category. With Jeremy’s programming and nutrition I was able to consistently gain strength, drop weight, and improve my technique and experience with all three lifts, as well as competition prep and execution. I qualified for the 2015 Commonwealths, but was unable to compete.

Jeremy has helped me achieve my goals, and become a better lifter. He helped me with technique, recovery, and nutrition. The results are the evidence that he is amazing. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get strong and improve their lifting.

-2015 National champion in open U57kg weight division.

-Second place overall for females in the open category (NZ Nationals 2015).

-Ranked 6th best NZ female powerlifter in the 2015 competition year.

-Best lifts in competition 125kg squat, 60kg bench, 152.5kg deadlift (unofficial NZ record), 330kg total.