For the last 4-5 years I have struggled with lower back and hip issues which has limited the type of exercise I can do. I have always been around 75kg so when i realized i had slowly crept up to 95kg late in 2018 I wanted to do something about it. I started to look for someone that could help me get back on track not only with my nutrition but could help out with my hip and back problems. I came across Jeremy and saw his qualifications. I knew this was the guy for me. Not only am I squatting and deadlifting again but I’m confident in doing so. In 13 weeks I went from 86kg to 77kg and my strength went up.

Jeremy is very approachable and quickly replied to many emails I sent him. At times when I wanted to speed things up and push the fat loss rates along quicker Jeremy would clearly explain why it’s important to be patient and why we are doing things the way we are. He was very thorough with his training notes and nutrition which was easy to follow through the use of the online spreadsheet (on Google Drive). Jeremy’s scientific approach with his training and the ability to look at the long term goal instead of looking for quick wins is why he stands out from most trainers.