Early 2016 I wanted to make a change. While I was no stranger to training from my younger years, my poor eating habits and sedentary life style had certainly caught up to me. Being a 110kg manlet which resembled a blimp with 2 young boys, I knew I owed it to them to do something about it. I had always wanted to compete in Powerlifting as the sport always fascinated me so I set myself a goal to compete within 12 months and aimed to hit the 83kg class. After fairly slow progress on my lifts and what seemed to be plateaued weight loss at 96kg, I knew I needed help. I reached out to Jeremy (late May 2016) for online coaching as he ticked a lot of boxes for what I was looking for and it was apparent after our initial conversation that not only did he have all the credentials, but was a super passionate about powerlifting with impressive accomplishments already within the sport. A local IPF meet opened up fairly shortly after we started which was a perfect driver and time base for my training.

We started with analysing my technique and mobility. We made some pretty big changes to my technique, bar placement and cues across the big 3. These took time to implement as it felt very new, however these have developed over time and increased my performance dramatically. My programming was personalised weekly to cater to my performance and was RPE based, which has taught me over time how to base my training on the day by how I feel and how my warm ups move.

Jeremy made dieting easy with very little restrictions, just changes to macros and how I was tracking my data. He was always able to answer any questions I had in a very timely manner and despite being in a deficit I rarely felt hungry. No BS restrictions, secret ingredients or obsessive cardio needed. I weighed in at 81kg on meet day (Nov 26, 2016), 15kg lighter from my time working with Jeremy.

My first meet was a massive learning experience, going 8/9, making my weight class and hitting a 175kg squat, 105kg bench and 215kg deadlift for 2nd place. I would highly recommend Jeremy if you are looking at improving your health in any way.