After a few exchanges of words with Jeremy in regards to powerlifting training, I was excited to hear he offered a coaching service. Within the brief conversations we had I was really impressed by the extent of knowledge and passion Jeremy had for training athletes, specifically for strength and physique.

Jeremy’s approach has been very customized for my personal needs, weaknesses and rate of progression. His programming has allowed me to progress at my own individual rate, and let me reap the benefits of the amount of effort I put in. Constant video analysis of my form in the squat, bench, and deadlift has helped me continually develop my form to become more efficient with the movements. He is very prompt to answer any questions I have and provide critical feedback.

I have been working with Jeremy for roughly 6 months now. Since starting, I have made tremendous progress. My squat has increased from 200kg to 220kg, bench press from 125kg to 140kg, and my deadlift has increased from 230kg to a recently easy 260kg. All done whilst making vast improvements in my body composition.

Working with Jeremy has been nothing but a very positive experience. He has helped me consistently progress towards my goals whilst remaining injury free. I can highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to optimize their performance on the platform, or significantly improve their physique.