I had started my ‘get fit’ journey back in early January where I was trying to get into a habit of exercise and healthy eating with no success what-so-ever. Jeremy posted on a Facebook post that he specialised in both nutrition and training and was offering a special introductory offer which I took him up on to develop both my physical training and also give nutritional advice to achieve my desired health goals at the time.

Jeremy started to develop my physical training program in early April where I weighed in at 115.8kg. His first couple of personal training routines were to test out my strength and form to make sure that I would not injury myself. We quickly discovered that I did not have the depth and mobility to do a proper squat with the strength to only lift the bar (20kg) for a couple of reps. My bench also had poor form, and I could not perform a proper deadlift.

Jeremy also developed a nutritional plan where all I had to do was to start tracking my calorie intake and make sure I hit both protein and fibre levels. This simplistic approach compared to the popular ‘do and don’t eat diets’ gave me the tools to make myself accountable for what I eat and I believe this method has improved my quality of life immensely.

Jeremy also introduced me to the sport of powerlifting which gave me additional motivation and determination to stick with this lifestyle and to try and continually improve my strength beyond ‘being healthy’. The goal of competing in a powerlifting competition gave our personal training sessions a clear objective which Jeremy was able to tailor to bring out the most of my potential within a defined deadline. The combined efforts of Jeremy tracking my calorie intake while developing a training program resulted in me being able to lose 26kg (down to 90kg) while simultaneously improving my strength. Between April and November this year, my squat improved from 20kg for 5 reps to 125kg in competition, my bench press from 40kg for 5 reps to 80kg in competition, and deadlift of 60kg for 5 reps to 165kg in competition.

So thank you, Jeremy, I believe that your personal training has shown me that I do have what it takes to achieve my goals. Your coaching and presence have given me the confidence that I have the ability to reach my goals not only in the context of health but other areas in my life.