Since beginning my powerlifting journey with Jeremy from Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching, I have achieved a tremendous amount. I entered my first novice powerlifting competition to give me some direction in training but it soon had me hooked and I have gone on to compete at both New Zealand and Australian National Championships. Through the time I have competed, I have improved from an 80kg to a 131kg squat, 45kg to a 77kg bench and 105kg to 145kg deadlift. My wilks points have also gone from 280 to 407.

Highlights have included a New Zealand Squat Record in the 57kg Jr class in and the Bronze Medal in the 58kg class at 2019 Powerlifting Australia Open Nationals. I have put on about 5kg of muscle and couldn’t be happier with the body composition changes that are happening by default! And all this is thanks to the effective and smart coaching strategies that Jeremy applies, I can’t recommend him highly enough. His effective programming, technical critique and nutritional guidance have taught me so much.