After having spinal fusion surgery in 2015, I struggled to gain any weight. My body had been through a lot of physical trauma from the surgery including nerve pain, so I had a lot of fear about working out and weight lifting as I didn’t know how my body would cope. Jeremy not only helped me to achieve my goals in putting weight and muscle on, but he helped me to become confident in my body’s strength and abilities. Jeremy set up a nutritional plan for me and adjusted it as I progressed. He also set up a fitness plan where I did minimal to no cardio, and all weight training. We started off with smaller weights and as my strength gradually increased, Jeremy increased the weight or repetitions. There was always versatility in the workouts so I was never bored, and I loved feeling like I was getting stronger every day.

Without Jeremy I don’t believe I could ever have reached my goals. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been,

and the strongest I’ve ever been. I feel proud of how far my body has come, and so grateful to Jeremy for helping me get here.