I was new to the sport of power lifting, my goal was to enter a competition, this was my first competitive sporting event in my adult life so I was understandably nervous. I sought out Jeremy thinking it would be good to get some assistance while getting myself ready to enter the competition. Jeremy did far more than assist, he quickly got me in far better competition form than I could of imagined.

Jeremy improved my performance significantly, some of my lifts went up forty percent, and after only four short weeks of training. Jeremy quickly identified elements that would help me and developed a program that was compatible with my busy lifestyle, he even worked with me to develop a training regime that I could do from my hotel room while I’m travelling for work. Jeremy particularly helped with a grip strength problem; I went from struggling to dead lift 100kg to an easy competition lift of 140kg.

Ultimately I passed all my lifts and won my class. What more can I say. Thank you Jeremy, you got me there!

Below are Guy’s best lifts in competition (145kg squat, 80kg bench, 140kg deadlift).