Through a recommendation of a friend I started online with Jeremy in Feb 2016. I frequently went to the gym but had no exact plan with my nutrition or workouts so didn’t really get my results.

I had my wedding coming up in October and decided I needed to find someone who was like minded with still being able to enjoy the pleasures in life and not too restricting with nutrition which in hand helps sustain the results.
Lucky for me that first recommendation was Jeremy!

Counting calories had never been so easy, within moderation I had the option to have guilty pleasures which in hand prevented me from binge eating later. Jeremy helped mould my exercise plan around me but also gave me a push if I needed it.

Surprisingly a few weeks before the wedding we realized I had gained too much muscle for my dress and didn’t quite fit anymore! I put all my faith in Jeremy to getting me back down in those few weeks and of course he did.
I was in the best shape I had ever been in and it’s sustainable, now we are kicking new goals!

Jeremy is stuck with me for life