In November 2015, my first powerlifting competition didn’t go as planned.  I ended up with no total due to missing all 3 attempts on my squats (180kg).

After this, I was recommended to Jeremy by a close friend, who was also getting coached by him. Around that time my best lifts were roughly: Squat 170, Bench 127.5, and Deadlift 220 (kg). However, I was lacking form and technique at that time. That is when Jeremy started to help me. So far Jeremy’s strength programming has given me consistent progress and each of my lifts are looking much cleaner and smooth. We have achieved numerous goals, with the highlight of winning the 83kg open class and 3rd open male at the Zenith Gym competition in July 2016. I went 9/9 and hit massive personal bests on all three lifts; Squat 192.5, Bench 140, and Deadlift 240 for a 572.5 total (kg).

Jeremy’s rapid response on checking videos and making sure you’re doing lifts as planned really helped my progress. Additionally, because of his consistent programming and technique check, I have been able to stay injury free. My goals from here on wards are to total 600kg and to keep progressing on each lift. I would highly recommend Jeremy as a coach to anyone. He is confident in his training and provides excellent feedback as well as tailoring a program based on your needs.