At the start of 2018 I wanted to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone so I decided to set the goal of doing a bodybuilding competition. I had been speaking to my friend Avonlea Butcher who had also done very well in bodybuilding and she put me onto Jeremy for training and nutrition. He has helped me so much! I knew nothing about counting macros or counting calories but he has helped me understand it and now I understand food a whole lot more. Not only have I learnt a lot with my nutrition but also with my training, learning new lifts and making sure I’ve got the right technique by sending Jeremy video’s and him critiquing them for me.

I got down to my desired weight and more with Jeremy to the point where we had to maintain my weight for competition day 10 weeks out! I ended up coming second in the Wellington NABBA Championships in the shape category in September 2018 and placed second again at the NABBA nationals in October 2018. Jeremy always answered my questions no matter how silly and always reassured me when I was worried or unsure about something and he was right every time, he was also very professional and always had my program updated for me on time. Jeremy is a great coach and I would recommend him to anyone!! Thanks so much for everything Jeremy 🙂