For as long as I could remember I had been the fat kid.

Year after year I had endured the same vicious cycle. I promised myself that tomorrow was THE day I got serious about losing the weight that had plagued me my entire life. I was motivated, and things would be going well… until I came across a packet of Barbecue Shapes or lolly snakes. I would binge, seemingly without control. I would tell myself that having already ruined that day I might as well just ‘eat whatever’ and start again tomorrow.

Being physically overweight was frustrating, but that wasn’t the real issue. I constantly felt like a failure – how would I achieve anything in life if I couldn’t even say no to a pack of Monte Carlo biscuits? I tried more fad diets than I had fingers to count, and hate to think how many nights I laid awake, unable to sleep and feeling sick from eating too much, wondering if would ever find a way out of this self-sabotage.

Fast-forward to January 2017. I weighed a little over one hundred kilograms and was still stuck in my vicious cycle. I was lifting weights quite seriously and had competed in powerlifting competitions, but my physique was still a huge drain on my confidence. I was still that fat kid, both physically and psychologically, but things were about to change this time… for real.

I had witnessed first-hand the spectacular results that many of Jeremy’s clients had achieved, so I decided to get in contact regarding his nutritional coaching services. Jeremy was prompt, professional, and attentive in listening to both my challenges and my goals. He laid out his coaching options and payment plans, and helped me to choose one that best suited my needs and budget. The paperwork was sorted out very quickly and we were in business! Jeremy answered all of my questions, making sure that I understood, and I felt confident knowing that he had both the knowledge and first-hand experience of helping clients lose weight to genuinely understand the process.

Jeremy did the necessary calculations and let me know approximately how many calories to consume each day, as well as how many grams of protein and fibre. He also taught me how to track calories and macronutrients using the MyFitnessPal app, which was straightforward and very quickly just became a habit. Each night I would input my calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre, as well as my bodyweight from that morning into a shared Excel spreadsheet. Every Wednesday Jeremy would assess these numbers and adjust them accordingly if my rate of weight loss had slowed (or was too fast). I would have once thought that counting calories and macronutrients was restrictive, but it turns out to be incredibly liberating… every day I ate delicious, wholesome meals of my own choosing with regular treats in moderation. There were no ‘banned foods!’

The accountability factor was huge. Daily reporting kept me honest, and every week Jeremy would check in via email detailing any adjustments to my calorie and macronutrient targets and asking how I had been going. He was quick to reply to any of my questions or concerns. We had a Skype discussion every couple of months too, which was invaluable in discussing my goals and the bigger picture of what we had been doing.

That was eight months ago. Today I am 21kg lighter (down from 102kg to 81kg) and happier than I have ever been. I have a physique that I am incredibly proud of and, even more importantly, the confidence that I CAN control myself in the face of temptation and that I CAN chase down my goals… all for far less than the cost of what I would have spent on takeaway foods each week! With the weight finally off I look forward to chasing new and more ambitious goals, including breaking strength PRs in a powerlifting competition this December and maybe even a competing in a bodybuilding show next year.

Thanks Jeremy! You have changed my physique, but more importantly, changed my life.
Alan ‘Big Al’ Guy