I asked Jeremy to be my coach after considering a couple of reasons. First of all, he did a bachelor of science major in sports science and human nutrition with honours and he was doing a master in the same field. I am an academic person, I believe a coach with strong academic background is able to provide scientific, well-rounded scheme in both training and nutrition. His knowledge comes from scientific paper which is certainly more reliable than any random articles or forums online. Secondly, he was doing powerlifting himself. He was guided by his knowledge and made an excellent achievement in powerlifting. This means his knowledge works well in practice. He has an awesome personality, full of enthusiasm and patience. He replies as soon as possible in order to answer any questions about training.

Under his coaching, he provided me a variety of exercises and different training programs based on my current weaknesses and previous week’s performance. He provided me nutrition guides based on general nutrition guides and my personal average weekly weight gain to ensure I did not gain much fat while gaining muscle and strength. After three more months preparing for a powerlifting competition, my overall strength (3 lifts) increased by more than 40kg. I saw a clear change of my strength after 2 months. I feel really confident about myself in aspects of exercise.