Cherie Lewis

My time training with Jeremy & the beginning of my powerlifting journey has changed my world. Here’s how…

Jasmine Knowles

Since beginning my powerlifting journey with Jeremy from Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching, I have achieved a tremendous amount. I entered my first novice powerlifting competition to give me some direction in training but it soon had me hooked and I have gone on to compete at both New Zealand and Australian National Championships.


PJ Bowerman

I started to look for someone that could help me get back on track not only with my nutrition but could help out with my hip and back problems. I came across Jeremy and saw his qualifications. I knew this was the guy for me. Not only am I squatting and deadlifting again but I'm confident in doing so. In 13 weeks I went from 86kg to 77kg and my strength went up.

Ashleigh Borlase

I ended up coming second in the Wellington NABBA Championships in the shape category in September 2018 and placed second again at the NABBA nationals in October 2018.

Avonlea Butcher

Jeremy was always available to answer any of my questions, and my program was always up to date and specific to my goals. I definitely cant thank or recommend Jeremy enough!

Hannah Williams

Without Jeremy I don’t believe I could ever have reached my goals. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been,and the strongest I’ve ever been. I feel proud of how far my body has come, and so grateful to Jeremy for helping me get here.

Alan Guy

Today I am 21kg lighter (down from 102kg to 81kg) and happier than I have ever been. I have a physique that I am incredibly proud of and, even more importantly, the confidence that I CAN control myself in the face of temptation and that I CAN chase down my goals.

Sophie Kuncio

I couldn’t recommend Jez more highly for anyone who wants to get stronger and watch the process. His programming taught me discipline more than anything.

Mathew Parr

My first meet was a massive learning experience, going 8/9, making my weight class and hitting a 175kg squat, 105kg bench and 215kg deadlift for 2nd place. I would highly recommend Jeremy if you are looking at improving your health in any way.

Emma Harris

Counting calories had never been so easy, within moderation I had the option to have guilty pleasures which in hand prevented me from binge eating later. Jeremy helped mould my exercise plan around me but also gave me a push if I needed it.

Terry Critchley

After a couple of months and some helpful tips and training programming from Jeremy I found I was able to do things that I haven’t been able to do since the accident. I could squat, I could lunge and I could deadlift.

Guy Boyd

I sought out Jeremy thinking it would be good to get some assistance while getting myself ready to enter the competition. Jeremy did far more than assist, he quickly got me in far better competition form than I could of imagined.

Joshua Whybrow

Jeremy posted on a Facebook post that he specialised in both nutrition and training and was offering a special introductory offer which I took him up.

Dharmesh Patel

Jeremy’s strength programming has given me consistent progress and each of my lifts are looking much cleaner and smooth. We have achieved numerous goals, with the highlight of winning the 83kg open class and 3rd open male at the Zenith Gym competition in July 2016.

Rachel Sinclair

Jeremy has helped me achieve my goals, and become a better lifter. He helped me with technique, recovery, and nutrition. The results are the evidence that he is amazing. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get strong and improve their lifting.

Junior Vaikai

Jeremy’s approach has been very customized for my personal needs, weaknesses and rate of progression. His programming has allowed me to progress at my own individual rate, and let me reap the benefits of the amount of effort I put in.

Aaron Yang

Jeremy provided me a variety of exercises and weekly program alterations based on my current weaknesses and previous week’s performance. Jeremy's nutrition guides also ensured I didn't gain much fat while gaining muscle and strength.

Tehezib Lathiff

I approached Jeremy to be my coach in preparation towards my second bodybuilding competition (NABBA Auckland Championships 2014), which I gained 2nd place in my category.