Head Coach

Jeremy Fraser

I have been interested in the science of nutrition and training since I was about 14, which eventually lead me to study at Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ, and complete my Master of Science (in powerlifting programming). It was out of passion rather than a search for a specific job. It was the right move as it greatly improved my critical thinking and problem solving skills which have transferred very well to coaching athletes. I started coaching powerlifters and bodybuilders in early 2014 part-time through my post graduate study and then throughout 2015 during my Masters. In 2016 I moved to Hobart and expanded the business to in-person as well as online.

My own training history

I started training at around 46kg and eventually got up to 84kg when I was 20. Over the years I had accumulated a decent amount of fat along with the muscle and so cut down to 72kg where I discovered a love for powerlifting!

After competing in 4 competitions in 2014 in the Junior 74kg class and placing well, I had my eyes set on international competition in 2015. However, I suffered a lower back injury in February 2015 which halted my progress that year. I and competed in the Junior 66kg class in 2016 and was fortunate enough to hold the NZPF Junior records for the 66kg class in the squat, deadlift, and total, until late 2018. This meant a great deal to me after the struggles of the previous year.

In 2017 after entering the open age division I competed in the 74kg class for the first half of the year. Following that, I had more flare ups with my back and after consulting with numerous health professionals, I learnt that it was an anatomical hip impingement in my right hip causing all sorts of upstream and downstream issues. I have learned to train around this issue, returning to the platform from 2019 where I have been competing in the 77kg and 85kg classes.


  • Master of Science (Exercise and Sports Science)
  • Bachelor of Science, First Class Honours (Exercise and Sports Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition and Exercise and Sports Science)
  • Top 10% GPA in Human Nutrition major


  • Owner of Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching
  • Former (2016-2018) NZ record holder in the 66kg junior class (Squat 172.5kg / Deadlift 215kg / Total 495kg)
  • 2nd in 66kg junior category at the Oceania Powerlifting Champs 2016 / 2nd at NZPF Nationals 2016 (66jr) / 3rd at NZPF Nationals 2014 (74jr)
  • Coach of New Zealand Powerlifting Federation (IPF) champions and record setters
  • Coached multiple nationally competitive NZ bodybuilders
  • Masters degree thesis specialised in autoregulation for powerlifting programming
  • Honours degree thesis specialised in blood-flow restriction training as an alternative to heavy training

Club Involvement


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